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The below are actual reviews submitted from AllPros-Drivers-Ed customers! Each review has a user name with a link which will bring you directly to the google review. We would like to thank all of our happy customers for giving us such positive feedback.

Ashley R.

Thank you Philip for the help! I had a great experience and truly learned so much! Philip taught me all the important rules to help guide you while driving! definitely coming back to practice for my G!


Steven Zhao

I have recommended them to all my friends. I only spend 10hrs on the in-car practice to pass the G2 test with no extra time.


Prishni Veerapen

A friend recommended me to Clive. Thanked to her,I was able to have a good driving instructor. I am very satisfied and I learnt a lot from him, he showed me the right ways of driving. I would definitely recommend him for your driving lessons. Thank you Clive…………Rou.


Pyllard Paul-Hector

I had an amazing experience with Allpros driving school. The staff was very kind and professional. I had in-class lessons taught by Clive and on the road training taught by Philip. The in-class lessons were sometimes funny, always to the point and very helpful. I really enjoyed the lessons. Clive is a very good public speaker. For my on the road training, I really want to thank Philip for teaching me his special parking tips and helping me pass my G2. He was very kind and encouraging. However, what helped me the most were 2 things. The first, being his skill to create a relaxed setting to learn in. I was so nervous driving but since he was so calm and had so much confidence that I would do well, I too became calmer and more confident driving. The second was his patience. Honestly, his patience seemed limitless. I know for sure I made the same mistakes a few times and he never once got frustrated or angry. He simply explained the reasons behind the actions and gave examples of scenarios for better understanding. I would definitely encourage anyone looking for a driving school to sign up. You will be very glad you did. Thank you Allpros! And extra Thank You’s to Philip! I’m very grateful I had you as my driving instructor. Keep up the good work.


Danya H.

The teachers are great, friendly and very helpful. I passed my G2 with flying colors. I definitely recommend this driving school. Lots of thanks especially to my instructor Philip for all his help.


Sonya N.

Being an extremely nervous individual, I was not looking forward to learning how to drive. I decided to check out Allpros because I saw such wonderful reviews online, and I was not disappointed. Clive was my instructor and he pushed me to the limits, which is exactly what I needed to pass on the first try. He cares about his students, which I know is not always the case with some driving schools. I passed the G1 exit test with only ONE month of driving and I could not have done it without Clive. Thank you Clive for everything; I will definitely be doing some refresher courses for my g2 exit test with you!


Kawsar Arale

Thank you Philip for Helping me pass my G2 road test. You helped me learn the rules of the road patiently. I had a good experience at this School. I know where to go now for my G road test.


Eric Domerge

Great personnel and instructors. Thanks again Clive


Gursharan Deol

Everyone at All Pros was extremely friendly and helpful!


Juan Carlos Alvarez

If you really want to learn how to drive and pass your test, contact these guys: experienced, patient, nice… Best driving instructor you’ll ever have: CLIVE!!!!!, no wonder. Thanks a lot for the lessons and helping me pass my G road test. You are the best!!!


Eric Zman

The instructor is amazing and will prepare you well for your test.


Yan Shein

This is the best driving school in town. We are very happy with the services that Phillip provided. He is very professional and look after his students very well. I would encourage everyone to take the warm-up practice before the test. It really helps and calm your nerves before the test.


Ashek Hossain

Hello Billions, when I first started to learn on thr highway, I didn’t feel as confident to tell you the truth. But, once I started to practice with Clive, he made sure I had confidence by making sure that I knew all the maneuvers ahead of time before the actual G test. Thanks to his commitment and help, it enabled me to do the test with a pessimistic attitude. I would like everyone to know that you will not regret driving with Clive because he is highly experienced and he is passionate about his job and he will do whatever it takes to make you a Pro-Driver. I appreciate Clive’s help and would like to thank the whole Pro- Driving team on my be half, in hiring such great instructors like Clive. That’s it for me, signing out. Have a great one Clive, ” You Truly are Da Man!”