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AllPros-Drivers-Ed offers one of the best driving courses in the city of Ottawa. If you have just received your G1 and would like to learn the fundamentals of safe driving with a licensed driving instructor, then please review our schedule to see if a course is available for you!


Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider (Automatic)

Price for Ministry-Approved BDE Automatic Driving Course is $495 plus taxes(without car for test).

20 hours in class
10 hours driving automatic
10 hours student home link
Price for Ministry-Approved BDE Automatic Driving Course is $550 plus taxes (with free car for test).

20 hours in class

10 hours driving automatic

10 hours student home link

Free Car For Road Test


Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider (Standard)

Price for Ministry-Approved BDE Standard Driving Course is $650 plus taxes.
20 hours in class

12 hours driving standard

10 hours student home link


AllPros-Drivers-Ed offers private driving lessons to help you prepare for the road test or simply to help remind you of the safe driving fundamentals. If you are interested in booking a private driving lesson, please contact us and we can schedule some lessons with you.

Automatic (Private)

Per hour: $42.00

5 Hours: $200.00

10 Hours: $380.00

Standard (Private)

Per hour: $60.00

5 Hours: $275.00

10 Hours: $500.00


Use our car for G2 and G road test!


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Important Info:

If you live in Ontario, you must be at least 16 years old to have a valid Ontario driver’s license to drive in the province. A newcomer to Ontario is required to apply for an Ontario driver’s license within 60 days of taking up residence in the province.

An Ontario drivers license is your proof of your privilege to drive. You must carry it with you everywhere you drive. Ontario has a one-piece plastic driver’s license. The license has a digitalized photograph and signature of the driver and a magnetic information strip.


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Road Test Details

Successful completion of the Road Test is requested to move closer to your G class license. In order to move from G1 to G2 you will need to successfully complete the road test with the ministry of transportation. The road tests check your driving skills and safety awareness in both vehicle and live traffic. You will be tested on your ability to follow the laws of the road and execute safe driving practices.


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The Level One road test (G1 to G2) deals with fundamental driving skills. The Level Two road test (G2 to G) deals with more advanced knowledge or the road and driving skills. Your performance in each of the tests will tell you whether you need more training or practice.

When you feel qualified to drive safely and confident enough to take your road test, please contact the Road Test Booking Call Center at 1-888-570-6110, or go online to www.mto.gov.on.ca, to schedule an appointment. Please be advised there maybe a 2-3 week waiting period to book your appointment so it is better to schedule in advance. If you are unable to attend the appointment, call the Road Test Booking Call Center or go online to cancel your test. Each G1 license holder is entitled to one free road test, however, if you fail to attend or you cancel your appointment without providing at least 48 hours notice, your prepaid road test fee will not be refunded.

You can RENT our car to do Road Test G2 and G, so call allpros driving school, and we will training you to pass from the FIRST time.(Read the Reviews)


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